School Climate Survey – Information for Parents/Guardians

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Ministry of Education legislation and regulations require that school boards conduct a survey of all students in grades 4 – 12, parents and staff members to get a snapshot on whether students feel accepted and safe at school and look at the extent of bullying and its causes. While the survey is voluntary, it is hoped that as many surveys as possible are completed as this information will assist schools and the school board to promote an environment of respect, safety and belonging for all students.

The survey must be completed during the month of February. It will take approximately 30-40 minutes to finish the survey.

Individual schools will receive a school summary of the information obtained in this survey. School Planning Teams made up of students, staff and community members will examine the concerns/issues that arise from this survey. The school team will then work with the school community to address these areas of concern. The board will examine school results to see where improvement can be made.

Your answers on this survey will be completely anonymous (no one will know the answers came from you). The overall school results will be given to school staff to study and develop an intervention plan. The overall board results will be shared with each school.

  • Go to:
  • Enter the survey code (ON REPORT CARD) and click the “Submit Code” button.
  • Follow the instructions on the survey.
  • Please read each question carefully and select the answer that best describes your feeling about the issue being addressed in the question. In many of the questions there is a scale at the top of the columns of answer circles so that you can choose a point along the scale that best suits your feelings about the question being asked. Please pay attention to the scale and try to answer all of the questions. Your input is very important to us.
  • Please note that the survey cannot be saved so you must complete it in one sitting.

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